Types of Birth Injury Lawsuits

Crying newborn with wet hair resting on mother's chestIf your baby is born with a defect, the disorder may, in fact, be a birth injury caused or contributed to by the actions of your doctor or other medical personnel. Certain types of birth injuries can result from a lapse in judgment, misread test data, or faulty equipment. These mistakes then leave the baby and family to deal with pain, developmental delays, disfigurement, and costly medical bills. If medical malpractice may be to blame for your infant's birth injury, an attorney at Foley Law Firm can help you make the determination, and proceed with litigation, if called for. We offer contingency legal services and a free consultation. To learn more about various types of birth injury lawsuits, contact our Scranton or Stroudsburg office today.

Injuries That May Indicate Malpractice 

Any birth injury should be investigated by a medical malpractice attorney, who can carefully evaluate all medical and hospital records related to the baby's gestation, birth, and neonatal care. Birth injuries that can be caused by healthcare mistakes include:

  • Cerebral palsy - Cerebral palsy is a common birth defect that is sometimes actually a labor and delivery injury. Out of about 10,000 babies diagnosed with cerebral palsy each year in the U.S., as many as 2,000 suffered a traumatic birth injury such as oxygen deprivation. Cerebral palsy affects motor control and sometimes causes seizures and developmental delays. 
  • Shoulder dystocia/brachial plexus injury - One or two of every 1,000 babies born in the U.S. suffers from this type of injury. Injury to the brachial network of nerves connecting the spine to the shoulder, arm, and hand can cause loss of feeling, motor control, or even paralysis. Erb's palsy refers to damage in the upper arm or upper and lower arm, while Klumpke's palsy indicates damage to the wrist and hand area. In some cases, a clavicle bone can be broken.
  • Brain damage - Lack of oxygen or cut off blood flow to the infant during labor or delivery can damage the brain, causing developmental delays or retardation.
  • Skull fracture or cephalohematoma - The use of forcible extraction by forceps or a vacuum device can cause injury to the baby's head. Cephalohematoma is bleeding between the skull and the membrane beneath the skin, and complications can include jaundice, infection, or anemia.
  • Facial paralysis - Forceps use can cause damage to the baby's facial nerves. In most cases, this resolves on its own, but sometimes surgery is needed.
  • Neonatal injuries - Premature and sick infants need constant oversight and delicate care. When nurses and others are negligent, infection and other injuries can occur. Any injury or illness occurring in the neonatal care unit (NCU) should be investigated by an attorney. 

How We Can Help

Our experienced attorneys are dedicated to bringing justice to victims. We are the only Northern Pennsylvania law firm to include a full-time medical doctor on our staff, additions that prove invaluable to our cases. We investigate each birth injury thoroughly, finding and substantiating any indications of negligence on the part of medical personnel. The outstanding legal work we provide for clients can be seen by the many verdicts and settlements we have achieved. Our attorneys work on a contingency basis, so it costs you nothing unless we are able to achieve a monetary settlement or jury award for you.

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