An Erb's Palsy Lawyer Can Hold Negligent Parties Responsible

Erb’s palsy is a serious medical condition that can result from negligent medical care during a child’s birth. Erb’s palsy cases that are caused by medical malpractice can be the grounds for a civil suit to recover damages associated with the financial and emotional costs they incur. If you live in Pennsylvania and your child has been the victim of Erb’s palsy, speak to a lawyer at Foley Law Firm today about your situation. You may be able to hold negligent medical professionals responsible.

What Is Erb's Palsy?

Erb’s palsy, like brachial palsy, is a neurological condition caused by damage to the brachial plexus nerves. Erb’s palsy, however, is characterized by damage to nerves controlling both the upper and lower arms. (Brachial palsy affects the upper arms.) This makes Erb’s palsy more difficult and complex to treat, and when it cannot be treated, the impairments caused by the condition are more serious.

Impairment can range from partial to total paralysis of the affected arm or arms. Recovery is frequently possible with the aid of neurosurgery and physiotherapeutic care, but victims over the age of one who are still affected are unlikely to recover fully.

Is Erb's Palsy Preventable?

With modern birthing techniques and advanced technologies, many cases of Erb’s palsy resulting from a birth injury are preventable. Like brachial palsy, Erb’s palsy is generally caused when too much force is used during a difficult birth. When a baby is delivered using forceps or with similar instruments, the fragile infant faces significant risk of injury.

A variety of procedures have been developed in order to reduce the need for placing physical stress on the infant. C-section may be an option for some patients. When investigating the cause of your child’s Erb’s palsy, your lawyer will determine whether the medical caregivers who assisted in your child’s birth could have avoided using methods that caused the injuries that led to your child’s condition

Your Erb’s palsy lawyer from Foley Law Firm can help you claim the full compensation you and your child deserve to cover the costs of treatment and any necessary long-term care. Your Pennsylvania-based Erb’s palsy lawyer has the expertise necessary to investigate all aspects of your case and to understand the medical complexities involved.

Contact Your Pennsylvania Erb's Palsy Lawyer

If your child has been diagnosed with Erb’s palsy, contact Foley Law Firm in Pennsylvania to speak to an experienced Erb’s palsy lawyer. Your compassionate and experienced lawyer will help you understand the legal options available to you so that you can achieve justice and the full compensation you need to provide the quality care your child deserves.

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