Workers’ Compensation: Benefits Terminated, Suspended, or Modified by Insurer

In addition to financial compensation, workers are entitled to their full health benefits following an injury. If your employer attempts to modify or suspend your benefits, our skilled attorneys will immediately intervene to protect your legal rights and ensure you experience no interruption in coverage. If you suspect your benefits are being terminated, suspended, or modified by the insurer or your employer, you should consult with an attorney at our experienced law firm in Scranton, PA, right away. 

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Importance of Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Workers' compensation benefits are provided so that a worker who suffers an injury on the job can make a full recovery. These benefits cover lost wages and various medical expenses relating to the injury. Medical expenses may include diagnosis, surgery, physical therapy, medications, equipment, and more. Without these benefits, the injured worker and his or her family would suffer a great financial burden. 

Our attorneys understand the importance of workers’ compensation benefits and the importance of making a full recovery before returning to work.

The goal of these benefits is to allow a worker to fully recover before returning to work. Unfortunately, insurance companies and employers typically make every effort to get the injured party to return to work as soon as possible. This saves them money, as they do not have to continue paying full benefits while he or she is out of work. 

Signs of Benefits Terminated, Suspended, or Modified by Insurer or Employer

There are several signs injured workers should watch for, as they could indicate the insurer or employer is attempting to modify benefits. These include:

  • Requests to meet with a vocational expert
  • Requests to see an employer- or insurer-approved physician
  • Receipt of a questionnaire to fill out

These requests are an attempt to evaluate your ability to return to work in some capacity. A vocational expert will try to evaluate your ability to perform lighter duties within another position with your company, even though you are still in recovery. Meeting with their approved physician is an attempt to obtain an independent opinion regarding your recovery. This physician will determine if you are either fully recovered or you have recovered enough to return to work in some form. 

Working with Foley Law Firm to Maintain Coverage

If you have noticed any of the above signs that might indicate your employer is attempting to modify or terminate your benefits, you need to speak with one of our attorneys immediately. We have the knowledge and experience necessary to defend your rights to your workers’ compensation benefits. Our attorneys understand the importance of workers’ compensation benefits and the importance of making a full recovery before returning to work. We are also well-versed in areas such as impairment ratings examinations, which may be used to alter your case outcome.

In many cases, when workers return to work before they have made a full recovery, they suffer from lingering issues relating to their injury. Unfortunately, once you return to work, you are no longer eligible for benefits or coverage for your injury. This means that if you need future medical care, your treatment will not be covered. At Foley Law Firm, we will fight for your right to full workers’ compensation benefits so you can make a full recovery before you return to work. 

Meet with One of Our Attorneys Today

If you suspect your employer is attempting to modify your benefits in any way, contact our law office right away to schedule a consultation. We can help you fight for your right to coverage to avoid any interruptions in your benefits.

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