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Medical Malpractice

Have you or a loved one suffered due to a misdiagnosis? Has your condition worsened due to negligent care?

Hundreds of thousands of Americans are injured each year due to errors made by caregivers in a clinical or hospital setting.

Contact Tom Foley III and our medical malpractice lawyers in Scranton, PA, to pursue the damages you are owed.

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The statute of limitations for filing a medical malpractice claim in Pennsylvania is just two years after the act of negligence. The fallout of a mistake on the part of a medical professional can absolutely upend your life, and dealing with the effects will cause two years to pass quickly. It doesn't pay to wait to take legal action. Contact our medical malpractice lawyers serving the Scranton, Stroudsburg, and Wilkes-Barre, PA, areas today to schedule your free consultation.

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"I was impressed by how professional they were.  They get respect from judges and other lawyers. I got paid and I would recommend them to anyone." Robert Norton

Get Your Life Back With the Help of Our Medical Malpractice Lawyers

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Our medical malpractice attorneys provide aggressive legal representation to get our clients the compensation they are owed. By pursuing a medical malpractice case with our attorneys in Scranton and Stroudsburg, PA, you can:

on Healing

When you have suffered an injury due to medical malpractice or medical negligence, the emotional and physical toll can have a lasting negative impact on many other areas of your life. It can be hard to focus on your health while dealing with the stress of a lawsuit. Our medical malpractice attorneys can focus on the legalities of filing your medical malpractice claim so you can focus on your health and your family.

Expect Fair Compensation

Our medical malpractice lawyers aggressively fight to get the maximum compensation and will not settle until you get what they believe you are owed. Some injuries require life-long assistance. Our medical malpractice lawyers work with our on-staff physician to understand the full scope of the financial burden you and your family will face, so we can fight for the appropriate amount.


The medical professional's insurance company may reach out to you and offer a monetary settlement that is much lower than what you are owed. They will try to get you to settle as quickly as possible, or may try to coax you into making statements that shift blame to yourself. Our licensed medical malpractice attorneys will handle all communication with insurance adjusters to protect your rights.

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When you choose Foley Law, you know you are in good hands. Four of our Scranton medical malpractice lawyers have been designated as “Pennsylvania Super Lawyers” by Philadelphia Magazine. One was even recognized in “Best Lawyers in America” for his work in the field of medical malpractice. All of our attorneys are passionate about helping our clients obtain the money they deserve so they can eliminate the financial burden the injury caused.

Contact our Scranton, PA, law firm today for your free consultation. We can determine if you have a medical malpractice claim and provide the legal advice you need to achieve justice.

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I can’t say enough about this firm and the way they handled my workeman  comp case. Every time there was a hurdle Michael Foley took care of it.The insurance company will try everything-to not pay your hospital bills your wages even your medications cost it never took more then one phone call to fix I would highly recommend this firm...

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Tom and his team helped to make a difficult time so much easier. They were always available with knowledgeable advice and won my case in a timely manner. Yes I would hire Tom Foley again!

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Types of Compensation We Will Help You Pursue

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury due to medical negligence, surgical error, or inappropriate action by a medical professional, you could be owed compensation (also called damages). There are the types of injuries that warrant financial compensation in medical malpractice cases:


These damages compensate victims for their physical injuries caused by the negligence of a doctor or other medical professional. These physical effects could include birth injury, brain injury, loss of limb, illness, or increased pain. Physical injuries can be diagnosed by our board-certified in-house physician.


When paired with a physical injury, emotional injury such as distress, an increase in anxiety, a psychological disorder, or a lack of enjoyment in life are losses that warrant compensation in a medical malpractice case. Just like physical injury, emotional injury can have a life-long impact on the victim. Compensation can help victims cope.


Loss of wages, inability to go to work, medical expenses, in-home living assistance, and anticipated medical bills are considered financial losses. The extent of your financial damages—both immediate and in the future—have a major influence on how much compensation our attorneys will seek during your case.  

What Qualifies as Medical Malpractice?

In medical malpractice cases, injury or death may be attributed to a surgical error, hospital administrative error, nursing home negligence, misdiagnosis, pharmaceutical error, and more. Foley Law Firm can achieve justice on behalf of those who have suffered injury due to these types of malpractice:

Birth Injury

Sometimes, preventable birth injuries are misclassified as birth defects. An error made by a doctor, nurse, or other medical professionals can result in your newborn baby becoming an innocent victim. A lack of action during birth, a misread test, using excessive force during labor, and not executing a Cesarean section (C-section) in a timely manner can all have devastating life-long consequences for the infant, mother, and their family. Birth injuries that may be attributed to medical malpractice include cerebral palsy and Erb's palsy, brain damage, broken bones, and jaundice.

More About Birth Injury

Hospital Errors

When you have to go to the hospital, the healthcare providers make the difference between life and death. As patients, we trust the expertise of highly qualified doctors, nurses, and technicians. When an error occurs, the consequences can be devastating. Medical negligence or surgical errors can result in life-altering personal injuries. Proving the liability of a hospital in a medical malpractice case is complex. Our attorneys serving the Scranton, Stroudsburg, and Wilkes-Barre areas are capable of demonstrating exactly who is responsible for your losses.

More About Hospital Errors


Time is of the essence for those suffering from a life-threatening condition or disease. The sooner your healthcare provider can accurately diagnose your symptoms, the better your chances of managing its progression or curing the disease. A careless mistake can have a devastating impact on your health and life. It could be considered medical malpractice if your healthcare provider failed to properly diagnose a disease another medical professional would have detected.

More About Misdiagnosis
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Late Diagnosis of Cancer

A cancer diagnosis is no longer a death sentence in today's medical landscape, especially when caught early. Early diagnoses of cancer symptoms greatly increase your chances of sending your cancer into remission. A late diagnosis can have life-threatening consequences and result in astronomical medical bills for years. You may have a medical malpractice claim if your healthcare professional did not diagnose your cancer within a reasonable time frame.

Nursing Home Malpractice

When we move our loved ones into a 24-hour care facility, we trust the healthcare professionals to treat them kindly and adhere to the standard of care. Poor patient supervision, inadequate nutrition, or lack of care can be considered nursing home negligence. You may also have a medical malpractice lawsuit if your loved one was abused physically, mentally, sexually, or financially. Our firm, serving Scranton, Stroudsburg, and Wilkes-Barre, fights for the rights of victims and their loved ones.

More About Nursing Home Malpractice

Hospital Understaffing Errors

Hospital administrators set essential protocols for safety, patient confidentiality, care procedures, security, and staffing. They make hiring and firing decisions that affect the quality of care patients receive, and are responsible for ensuring the facility is always adequately staffed. Under-staffing and poorly trained employees create problems like medical negligence that can result in severe personal injury.

More About Hospital Understaffing Errors

Victims Deserve Compensation
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Medical negligence and misdiagnoses can have a devastating life-long effect on the patient and their family. With a record of substantial settlements and verdicts, our Scranton medical malpractice lawyers have helped our clients obtain compensation for their medical bills, pain, suffering, mental struggles, loss of income, and other emotional and financial losses.

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The Foley Law Firm did an amazing job with my case. Though it seemed to be a difficult case to win, I felt confident with their team throughout the process. I would recommend this law firm to anyone, they treat you like family.

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... I did not feel alone through the whole ordeal. If you are in search of an attorney who to provide the best service, communicates your need and addresses your concerns then Thomas J Foley III, is the Advocate  I recommend.

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Is a Medical Malpractice Lawyer Worth the Cost?

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When you or your loved one are dealing with a life-altering injury or struggling with an outrageous financial burden due to medical bills, pursuing a medical malpractice case is absolutely worth the cost of an attorney. Fortunately, anyone can afford our services. Our Scranton, PA, law firm offers free consultations to our clients. If we take your case, we work on contingency—that means you pay absolutely nothing unless we collect a jury award or settlement for you. Our fees are collected in the form of a percentage of the compensation. With this in mind, the question becomes, "Can I afford not to hire an attorney with Foley Law?"

Wondering If You Have a Medical Malpractice Claim? Contact Our Scranton-based Attorneys

Our Scranton medical malpractice lawyers are dedicated to providing superior legal representation for those who have suffered due to the negligent or wrongful actions of others. Our practice serving Scranton, Stroudsburg, and Wilkes-Barre are ready to engage in even the most challenging litigation to achieve justice on your behalf. 

Contact our Scranton, PA, law firm to learn how our dedicated attorneys can help you achieve justice.

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My attorney is Michael Foley. He is the epitome of efficiency, effectiveness, and accuracy. He listened to my point of view and fought for me like a bulldog to get the best settlement possible.

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 If you are looking for strong representation or facing an unreasonable and unyielding party, I strongly recommend contacting Thomas J Foley, III, at Foley law firm, who will fully fight for you to hold the responsible party’s insurance company accountable.

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A Record of Success Victories Our Lawyers Have Secured for Our Clients

Our lawyers are equipped to handle even the most complicated medical malpractice cases. There are several other medical malpractice verdicts and settlements that we are unable to publish due to confidentiality reasons, but here are a few that we are glad to share:
"While we cannot guarantee the outcome of your case, we will fight for all our clients to get the maximum compensation they deserve."
"While we cannot guarantee the outcome of your case, we will fight for all our clients to get the maximum compensation they deserve."

$7.4 Million

A settlement of $7.4 million was negotiated for the family of a child who developed cerebral palsy. The condition was a result of the physician's failure to perform a C-section in a timely manner. The mother was in labor for 42 hours.

$5.4 Million

$5.4 million was awarded to the husband and children of a breast cancer victim. The victim's life could have been saved had the biopsy been performed within a reasonable time frame. This is the largest amount awarded by a jury for a medical malpractice case in Monroe County.

$4.5 Million

After two weeks of trial and jury deliberations, a $4.5 verdict was awarded to a woman who suffered a traumatic brain injury due to medical malpractice.


$700,000 was awarded to a woman with terminal cancer who lost her leg due to a blood clot that went undiagnosed.


An 86-year-old wheelchair-bound man with dementia died after being given an overdose of his medication. A $150,000 confidential settlement was negotiated.


A jury awarded a patient of Pocono Medical Center $112,000 after a nurse failed to properly supervise the victim, resulting in them falling and breaking their hip.


How long do I have to file a claim?

The statute of limitations for medical malpractice in Pennsylvania is two years. While this seems like plenty of time, it can pass very quickly. Once the statute of limitations has passed, you and your family are no longer able to seek any financial compensation for your injury.

How do I get an attorney to take my case?

Our attorneys offer free consultations. We will analyze the details of your case to determine if you have a medical malpractice claim. If we take your case, it means we are confident we can win. 

What is the difference between medical negligence and medical malpractice?

Medical negligence refers to a medical provider failing in their duty to meet a standard level of care that would have been performed by other professionals in their field. When this negligence results in injury, it is considered medical malpractice.

How long will it take to achieve a settlement or jury award?

This is totally dependent on the type of malpractice that occurred, the extent of the injuries, where the incident occurred, and several other factors. Our lawyers always have the client's best interest in mind and will fight for fair compensation, no matter how long it takes.

"They won my law suit. Super nice people. They'll help you anyway they can. Very professional. They have all doctors and medical team. Excellent." Nancy Carayiannas
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