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A gurney is rushed down a hospital corridorWhen you are admitted to a hospital for treatment or seek urgent care in the emergency room, you trust the caregivers and other staff will do everything possible to assure your best outcome. Many times this is the case, but statistics show a startling number of patients are actually harmed or even killed due to mistakes made by hospital personnel. There is potential for error by doctors, nurses, aides, and administrators, with patients and their families paying the price. Our medical malpractice attorneys provide legal representation to patients who have been victims of hospital error. Our staff includes the only full-time medical doctor at a law firm in Northeastern and North Central Pennsylvania, so our legal work includes unique insight and understanding of technical evidence. If you or a loved one has suffered injury or wrongful death due to error, accident, or equipment failure at a hospital, learn more about filing a hospital error lawsuit by turning to our personal injury attorney offices in Scranton or Stroudsburg, PA, today.

About Hospital Error 

Many people are aware of highly publicized cases of hospital error - events that sound truly outrageous. For example, the wrong patient receives an amputation or a surgical instrument is left inside a patient's body. These shocking events do occur, along with more common mistakes.

Medication mix-ups in the hospital are a common cause of patient injury or death. The wrong medication is dispensed, too high of a dose is given, or someone misreads a chart and an allergy is missed. Inadequate sanitation is another problem, leading to the spread of infection and severe illness. Equipment in a hospital may malfunction, leaving a patient without the aid of life-saving machinery. Surgical errors occur, including mistakes in anesthesiology, and birth injuries are not infrequent in the maternity ward.

Sometimes staffing mismanagement leads to hospital error when an unqualified doctor or nurse is hired or an aide is inadequately trained. Safety or security standards may be lacking, leading to patient injury, or a hospital may be understaffed and patients are not properly monitored. 

Medical Malpractice Law

A patient bringing a medical malpractice lawsuit must be able to demonstrate that negligence occurred on the part of the hospital or caregiver. Healthcare workers and facilities are held to a high standard of care, but there must be evidence indicating a reasonable standard was breached. Evidence will include charts and records, witness accounts, and scrutinization of hospital policies.

Our firm conducts a thorough investigation in every medical malpractice case, and if negligence or wrongdoing has occurred, we will uncover it. Our legal experience is fortified by medical expertise; our staff doctor knows the signs of malpractice and how to prove it has occurred.

Compensation and the Client's Role

If you or a loved one has fallen victim to hospital error, you and your family may be entitled to substantial monetary compensation. This may include reimbursement for medical expenses, lost wages, and other costs, along with compensation for pain and suffering and loss of companionship. We have a longstanding record of success in these cases and have attained significant verdicts and settlements for clients. We encourage our clients to rest, recuperate, and begin rebuilding their lives, leaving the legal issues, including insurance investigators, to us.

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