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Medical Malpractice Overview

Hundreds of thousands of Americans are injured each year due to errors made by caregivers in a clinical or hospital setting. This includes doctors, nurses, technicians, pharmacists, and other personnel entrusted to provide care for the injured and sick. In medical malpractice cases, injury or death is attributable to surgical error, hospital administrative error, nursing home negligence, misdiagnosis, pharmaceutical error, and more. With an impressive record of settlements and verdicts, Foley Law Firm is recognized for medical malpractice expertise. We can help plaintiffs seek justice for these grievous errors.

Birth Injury

Some so-called birth defects are actually traumatic injuries that may have been preventable. A doctor or other caregiver can make an error in judgment or misread test results and the newborn baby becomes an innocent victim. Sometimes, excessive force is used to extract an infant or a Cesarean section is not executed in time to prevent devastating consequences. Birth injuries that may be attributed to medical malpractice include cerebral palsy and Erb's palsy, as well as brain damage, broken bones, and even jaundice. Our firm is the only one in Northeastern and North Central Pennsylvania to have a board-certified medical doctor on staff full-time.

Hospital Errors

Many life and death scenarios occur in a hospital setting, where patients trust their well-being to trained healthcare professionals. We hope we will benefit from the expertise of highly qualified doctors, nurses, and technicians, because when an error occurs, the consequences can be devastating. Negligent or careless actions in the emergency room, inpatient unit, or surgical suite cost countless lives and result in life-altering injuries. Determining and proving liability in hospital medical malpractice cases can be complex, but our attorneys and board-certified medical doctor are renowned experts in this area of litigation.

Misdiagnosis and Failure to Diagnose

For a patient suffering from the effects of a serious, life-threatening condition or disease, time is of the essence. The sooner a doctor can provide an accurate diagnosis of symptoms, the better the chances of managing the progression or curing the disease. Many doctors are lifesavers, but some make careless mistakes that negatively impact the patient. It may be medical malpractice if your doctor made a misdiagnosis that resulted in injury or failed to diagnose a disease that another healthcare professional would reasonably have detected.

Cancer patient lying in bed and speaking with nurse

Late Diagnosis of Cancer

The benefits of early detection are well known in the field of cancer treatment. For many types of cancer, such as breast, cervical, colon, and prostate, early detection and treatment makes a significant difference to patient outcome. When a mistake is made and cancer diagnosis is delayed or overlooked, a patient can suffer irreversible harm. Sometimes, the timing can be a matter of life or death. The skill, dedication, and work ethic of a physician is key, as well as the skill and training of technicians reading test results. 

Nursing Home Malpractice

Our firm has assisted many families whose elderly loved ones have been the victim of nursing home negligence or abuse. For these working families, a 24-hour care facility may be the only option for an ill, aging parent, and to be betrayed by these caregivers is a travesty. Nursing home negligence may take the form of poor patient supervision, inadequate nutrition, or other lack of care. Abuse can be physical, mental, sexual, or financial and result in severe injury or death.

Empty hospital corridor with wheelchair

Hospital Under-staffing Errors

The decisions made by administration personnel are an important factor in the smooth operation of a hospital facility. Hospital administrators set essential protocol for safety, patient confidentiality, care procedures, security, and staffing. They make hiring and firing decisions that effect the quality of care patients receive, and are responsible for ensuring the facility is always adequately staffed. Under-staffing and poorly trained employees create problems that can result in severe injury to patients. For these reasons, medical malpractice cases can frequently be tied to hospital administration error. Our board-certified medical doctor and registered nurse are experts in this area, so we encourage you to consult with them today.

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