Can I Sue a Pharmacy for Prescription or Medication Mistakes? By Foley Law Firm on August 30, 2023

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We often think about surgical mistakes and doctors misdiagnosing patients when we talk about medical malpractice lawsuits. However, these cases of healthcare negligence also extend to other professionals in the medical field. In addition to errors by nurses and anesthesiologists, it’s worth considering potential mistakes by pharmacists.

You can sue a pharmacy for dangerous prescription mistakes. These kinds of errors can take different forms.

The lawyers at our Scranton and Stroudsburg, PA, law offices would like to review some common types of pharmacy errors and discuss what legal options may be available to you.

Types of Pharmacy Errors

Below are some of the more common kinds of pharmacy errors that lead to serious injuries and medical problems.

Dispensing the Wrong Prescription Drug

Sometimes a pharmacist will dispense someone else’s prescription medication to the wrong patient. These kinds of mix-ups could be deadly, especially if the labeling is incorrect.

Miscalculating the Dosage

Improper dosage could cause serious side effects and health complications. Pharmacists need to be diligent to protect patients.

Incorrect Directions

Proper directions are essential when taking any kind of medication. If a pharmacist puts the wrong directions on a prescription box/bottle or provides the wrong verbal instructions to a patient, this can have deadly effects.

Failure to Note Contraindications

In this context, the word “contraindications” refers to adverse side effects when two or more drugs are combined. A pharmacist should note potential contraindications to a patient when administering any kind of medication to prevent health issues.

Giving a Patient the Wrong Medication

Sometimes a pharmacist may simply give a patient the wrong drug for their condition. This can have disastrous consequences and could put a patient’s life at risk.

Proving Negligence by a Pharmacy or Pharmacist

To demonstrate negligence and fault in these kinds of cases, it must be shown that the pharmacist breached their duty and these actions resulted in some form of injury or harm. On top of that, it must be shown that the harm that was caused contributed to damages experienced by the patient.

Doctor Errors When Writing a Prescription

In addition to pharmacist errors, we should also keep doctors in mind when they prescribe drugs. Prescription mistakes by a doctor could lead to major health problems. Similarly, doctors should address potential contraindications with patients to provide helpful medication for the patient’s needs.

How Our Medical Malpractice Attorneys Can Help

Our medical malpractice lawyers bring years of legal knowledge to every case. They can assess the situation and let you know your legal options.

After filing a claim, our legal team can help negotiate a fair settlement that can pay for medical expenses and the other effects of the pharmacy error. If a settlement cannot be reached, our lawyers will not hesitate to take your case to trial.

Contact Our Law Firm Today

If a pharmacist makes a terrible mistake, you must get the legal process moving as soon as possible. The team at Foley Law Firm is ready to help. For more information about your legal options, contact our Scranton and Stroudsburg law offices today.

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