Five Most Dangerous Types of Car Accidents By Foley Law Firm on October 29, 2018

Car accidentThe impact of even a seemingly minor collision can result in significant property damage and serious personal injuries. But while all car accidents have the potential to cause substantial damage, there are some that are known to be more dangerous than others.

Based on accident data and extensive experience representing victims of automobile accidents, the attorneys at Foley Law Firm have identified five of the most dangerous types of car accidents for our Scranton, PA clients.

Head-on Collisions

Head-on collisions are consistently ranked as the most dangerous type of car accident, due in large part to the number of deaths that result from these accidents.

Although there are fewer head-on collisions than many other types of car accidents, they still account for around 10 percent of all car accident deaths in the United States.

The most dangerous type of head-on collision is one involving two cars. When two vehicles strike each other head-on, the impact of the accident is essentially doubled.

However, head-on collisions involving a vehicle and a fixed object can also be extremely dangerous or deadly, because the car will absorb most of the impact of the collision.

T-bone Collisions

T-bone, or side impact, collisions are also widely recognized as one of the most dangerous types of car accidents. In accidents such as these, it is the passengers of the car struck on its side that are most at risk for catastrophic injuries.

Doors tend to be pretty flimsy compared to the front or rear-end of a car, and many cars lack side airbags. Despite recent advances in side-impact safety features, many vehicles are just not equipped to absorb the impact of a T-bone collision.

Rollover Accidents

Like head-on collisions, rollover accidents are not very common. However, they account for about 10 percent of car accident deaths.

Rollover accidents tend to be so damaging because they are particularly violent. It takes a lot of force to push a vehicle onto its side or completely over onto its top. When an accident is that impactful, even seatbelts and airbags may not provide sufficient protection, though passengers without a seatbelt are far more likely to be catastrophically injured or killed.

Although any vehicle can be involved in a rollover accident, they are most common among top-heavy vehicles, like trucks and SUVs. Consumers purchasing these types of vehicles should pay special attention to the vehicle’s rollover safety rating.

Roadway Departure Accidents

Roadway departure accidents typically only involve a single vehicle, but they can still be extremely dangerous. If a car goes off the road, it is likely to strike a fixed object.

Depending on the surrounding area, a run off vehicle may hit a light pole, a cement guardrail, or a tree. Any of these objects can pose a huge threat to the vehicle and the passengers inside.

Not only are these objects large and heavy, but they are fixed, which means the car will absorb the majority of the accident impact.

Roadway departure accidents most often occur when road or weather conditions are bad, or when a driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol or driving while drowsy or distracted.

Accidents Involving Speeding

Any type of accident that involves speeding is especially dangerous. This goes back to the basic laws of physics.

The force of a vehicle is directly impacted by its size and the speed at which it is traveling. If all other conditions are the same, an accident involving high speeds will always be more damaging than one that does not because vehicles traveling at high speeds create a greater impact.

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