Car Accidents and Tow Trucks By Foley Law Firm on September 06, 2018

A car and a tow truck on the side of the roadWe often neglect to consider the dangers posed by tow trucks. They are vehicles we call when our car won’t start or we have problems on the road. They’re around to help, but they can cause injury collisions just like any other vehicle on the road. When tow trucks cause car accidents, our Scranton, PA lawyers are here to help.

The lawyers of Foley Law Firm would like to go over some of the basic dangers related to tow trucks and what your legal options might be in these kinds of crashes.

Direct Collisions with Tow Trucks

Tow trucks can crash into other vehicles for the same reasons other collisions occur. This could be due to:

  • Speeding
  • Running red lights
  • Reckless driving
  • Texting behind the wheel
  • Driver distraction

If these accidents involve other vehicles, the amount of damage could be serious given the mass of tow trucks and the sheer force of impact even at low speeds. Bicyclists or pedestrians struck by tow trucks face similar dangers given the size of these vehicles and the harm that may occur.

Obscured or Obstructed Brake Lights

When tow trucks are pulling vehicles, there is a chance that their brake lights may be obscured by the towed vehicle. This makes rear end crashes with tow trucks more likely. If you cannot see that the vehicle ahead of you is slowing down, that can be a dangerous thing.

Dangers from Towed Cars Coming Loose

There is a risk of the towed vehicle coming loose and winding up as a major obstruction on the road. This can lead to collisions for any vehicles behind the tow truck, or it could cause vehicles to swerve, leading to sideswipe crashes. Whether it’s on highways or city streets, these dangers need to be taken seriously. Tow truck drivers should be held liable for their negligent actions in securing the towed vehicle.

Dangers from the Tow Hook

Even if there is no car being towed, the tow hook on the tow truck could be a cause for danger. If the hook is hanging loose and dangling low or unsecured, it could wind up striking vehicles following behind it. This could damage windshield and cause all sorts of injuries. Worse yet, the tow hook may wind up on the road, which can lead to a host of hazards.

Dangers from Flatbed Tow Trucks

Some tow trucks don’t rely on tow trucks to haul vehicles. Instead, these tow trucks have a flat bed on which cars are secured and carried. In these situations, there is a serious risk of the vehicle coming loose from the flatbed, resulting in danger to any nearby vehicles.

What Are My Legal Rights After a Crash

Tow truck drivers must be held accountable for their actions if they were negligent in their duties as commercial drivers. Our law firm can analyze the evidence in your case and determine if the tow truck driver was at fault. We can then help you seek damages for injuries, vehicle damage, and emotional pain and suffering related to the crash.

We offer sound counsel and peace of mind, both of which are essential in injury cases.

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