Slip and Fall Injury from an Icy Sidewalk: Who Is Liable? By Foley Law Firm on February 29, 2024

someone walking up a set of snowy stairsA minor slip or fall may not result in injuries. However, some have serious consequences, including physical, emotional, and financial damages. During winter, inclement weather creates icy surfaces that increase the risk of a slip and fall.

Individuals who suffer slip and fall injuries from icy sidewalks may wonder who is liable. Liability for slips and falls on icy surfaces depends on the circumstances of the accident. Monroe County personal injury attorneys at Foley Law Firm work with injury victims from Scranton, Stroudsburg, and Wilkes-Barre, PA, to investigate fault for slips and falls and pursue appropriate compensation from responsible parties.

Who Is Liable for Accidents on Icy Sidewalks?

Liability for slip and fall accidents depends on several factors, including where the accident occurred, who owns the property where the accident occurred, who is responsible for maintenance where the accident occurred, and whether the responsible party could take reasonable actions to address the hazard. Depending on the slip and fall circumstances, accident liability may fall upon the property owner, the municipality responsible for property maintenance, or the property tenant.

Property Owner

When a slip or fall occurs, the first person who may be liable is the property owner. Premises liability laws establish that all property owners are responsible for maintaining safe property conditions for invited guests or patrons. When hazardous conditions are present, property owners must warn visitors of hazards and address the danger in a reasonable timeframe. 

If a property owner neglects the responsibilities established by premises liability, they can be held accountable for damages related to accidents on their property. Even though icy sidewalks stem from inclement weather (a condition beyond a property owner’s control), they are still responsible for taking reasonable measures to clear sidewalks and pathways of snow, slush, and ice or to warn visitors of slippery surfaces.


When a slip or fall occurs on city sidewalks or another public location, there may not be a property owner to sue for injury damages. Slip and fall victims may instead be able to hold a municipality liable. Depending on the location, state or city officials may be responsible for maintaining the sidewalk to ensure safe conditions. When a municipality neglects its responsibility, it can be liable for resulting accident injuries.

Property Tenant

While not as common, a third party that may be liable for slips and falls on icy sidewalks is the property tenant. Although a tenant does not own a property, they could be responsible for its maintenance, including promptly addressing hazards or warning visitors of potential dangers.

Potential Damages in Slip and Fall Cases

A slip or fall on an icy sidewalk can cause serious injuries that result in substantial emotional and financial damages. Our attorneys consider all areas of loss to pursue maximum compensation for slip and fall victims. Potential damages in slip and fall cases include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Anticipated future medical expenses
  • Cost of ongoing therapy or rehabilitation
  • Lost wages
  • Diminished wage-earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering

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When another person or party’s neglect creates hazardous conditions that cause slip or fall injuries, they should be held liable for related economic and non-economic losses. To find out how the personal injury attorneys at Foley Law Firm can assist you in pursuing the compensation you are due, contact our law firm and schedule a case review at your earliest convenience.

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