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doctor-patient consultationBattling cancer is a struggle that no one wants to face. Unfortunately, millions of Americans are diagnosed with cancer each year. When cancer is related to medical malpractice involving delayed diagnosis, exposure to toxic materials, or other similar complications, personal injury attorneys at Foley Law Firm can assist individuals in Scranton, Stroudsburg, and Wilkes-Barre, PA, in going after liable parties for damages. 

Regardless of how or why cancer develops, getting through treatment is a great source of joy and relief. However, many people also experience significant uncertainty regarding what to expect from life after cancer. Here we offer some coping mechanisms and resources that can help people adjust as they move forward from cancer treatment.

Returning to a Different Kind of “Normal”

After completing cancer treatment many individuals look forward to returning to “normal,” but often struggle making that adjustment. Even without regular doctor appointments, frequent treatments, and treatment side effects, life often doesn’t feel the same as it did before a cancer diagnosis. 

It is common to worry about whether the cancer will come back, to feel alone or without support, and even to experience some sadness about losing a connection with the doctors and medical team who were with you throughout cancer treatment. Rather than returning to normal most cancer survivors find themselves creating a new path as they adjust to life after cancer.

Dealing with Uncertainties

Uncertainties are to be expected after completing cancer treatment. As much as people urge cancer survivors to stay positive, it isn’t quite that simple. Uncertainty can create anxiety that makes it difficult to sleep, eat, or connect with friends and family members. These tips can be helpful for individuals who are dealing with uncertainties after cancer:

  • Be informed about your health, prognosis, and medical resources that are available to you
  • Acknowledge your fears, but try not to let them control you
  • Focus your energy on the here and now, rather than the future
  • Maintain a physically active lifestyle and make other healthy lifestyle choices
  • Practice relaxation techniques, such as meditation, deep breathing, or yoga
  • Find a friend, family member, or counselor who you can express your concerns to 
  • Control the things that you can and let go of the things you cannot

Keeping Up with Medical Aftercare

Medical care remains important after cancer treatment is complete. Each person’s aftercare plan will be personalized to their unique needs. Cancer survivors should be sure to closely follow all recommended aftercare instructions and attend all scheduled follow-up appointments.

Getting Emotional Support 

Cancer survivors have experienced something that is very unique. They sometimes feel alone after treatment, because friends and loved ones cannot relate to their experience. It is important for cancer patients to know that there are many resources available to them, including individual counseling and support groups. The National Cancer Institute offers Facing Forward: Life After Cancer Treatment, a booklet that goes over many of the concerns that people face as they move forward after completing cancer treatment.

Get in Touch

Cancer survivors may experience physical, emotional, and financial losses long after cancer treatment is complete. If another person or party is liable for cancer damages, attorneys at Foley Law Firm can help hold them accountable. To find out if you have a legal claim, contact our law firm online, or call (570) 342-8194 to schedule a consultation.

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