Pennsylvania Crash Rates for Accidents Involving Fixed Objects By Foley Law Firm on November 29, 2020

Car crashed into a fence along the side of an icy roadWhen people worry about being involved in a car accident, they usually have concerns about crashing into another vehicle. However, auto collisions do not always involve another vehicle or driver. Single-vehicle car crashes with fixed objects can be just as deadly as those involving multiple motor vehicles.

To give drivers in the Scranton, Stroudsburg, and Wilkes-Barre, PA area a better idea of their risks regarding single vehicle crashes, the car accident lawyers at Foley Law Firm present data on Pennsylvania crash rates for collisions involving fixed objects. We’ll offer the numbers as well as our informed analysis.

What Is a Fixed Object?

In terms of car accident data, a fixed object is defined as a stationary object that is along or adjacent to the roadside. Some fixed objects that may be involved in single vehicle crashes include:

  • Guardrails
  • Trees
  • Utility poles
  • Embankments
  • Bridge piers
  • Parked vehicles

Although they may be moving at the time of a collision, an animal is also considered a fixed object as far as single-vehicle crashes are concerned.

Pennsylvania Car Accident Data

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has released its 2019 Crash Facts and Statistics report. According to the data that was collected during 2019, Pennsylvania had 125,267 car crashes for the year. These car crashes were the cause of 1,059 fatalities.

The report further breaks down accident data by a number of different factors, including the types of accidents that occurred. This information allows us to see how common car crashes involving fixed objects are in the state.

How Common are Crashes with Fixed Objects?

During 2019, the state of Pennsylvania had 36,446 car accidents that were classified as crashes with fixed objects.

What may come as a surprise to many drivers is that fixed-object crashes were more common than other types of car crashes. This includes angle collisions (or side impact accidents) and rear end accidents.

The 36,446 crashes involving fixed objects resulted in 350 fatalities, a figure that is also higher than the numbers for any other type of car crash.

What Objects Are Hit Most Often?

While there were a large number of crashes with stationary objects, the types of objects involved in these crashes varied. Among the numerous objects and animals that were hit, some were more common than others.

The highest crash rates for accidents involving fixed objects and animals were:

  • Utility poles - 8,126 crashes and 76 fatalities
  • Trees, shrubs, and hedges - 8,094 crashes and 202 fatalities
  • Parked vehicles - 7,915 crashes and 49 fatalities
  • Guardrails - 6,614 crashes and 95 fatalities
  • Embankment - 6,135 crashes and 91 fatalities
  • Deer - 4,346 crashes and 7 fatalities
  • Median barrier - 3,965 crashes and 21 fatalities

Is Someone At-Fault in Fixed-Object Crashes?

Even though another driver is not involved in a fixed-object collision, another person or party may be liable for the crash occurring. Our attorneys can discuss the circumstances of your collision and determine if a negligent party contributed to the fixed-object crash. We can discuss how they can be held accountable for the collision.

Discuss Your Accident With Our Attorneys

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