Car Accidents and Dump Trucks By Foley Law Firm on April 21, 2019

Overturned dump truck after an accidentDump trucks are an essential part of so many construction, demolition, landscaping, and waste disposal jobs. They can also be the cause of serious auto collisions, resulting in catastrophic injuries and even fatalities. The Scranton, PA auto collision attorneys of Foley Law Firm know that dump truck crashes and large truck accidents must be taken seriously.

Let’s take a moment to consider the many hazards associated with dump trucks and who is liable if these large hauling vehicles cause an accident or contribute to an accident.

Longer Stopping Times and Distances

Given the size of a dump truck, these vehicles have longer stopping times and greater stopping distances compared to commuter vehicles. This could make rear end collisions more likely, particularly if there is poor traction on the road of the dump truck is forces to slow down while traveling downhill.

More Severe Injuries Due to Force of Impact

The mass of a dump truck and the weight of the load it is hauling can lead to tremendous force if there is a collision. This means seemingly minor accidents could wind up causing major property damage, and that injury crashes could result in catastrophic harm or even fatalities.

Dump Trucks Have Large Blindspots

Like other large vehicles, dump trucks have major blindspots. Vehicles to the side of a dump truck or behind a dump truck may not be seen by the driver. This increases the risk of collisions or near crashes. Dump truck drivers must be attentive, and motorists must do their best to remain seen when near these kinds of vehicles.

Loose Loads Becoming Road Hazards

When a dump truck is hauling material, it’s important that this material be properly secured and not come loose. When the material comes loose or falls out, it can lead to serious hazards.

For one, the material can land on nearby vehicles or passersby. This can cause vehicle damage, injuries from impact, and could cause the vehicle to swerve, leading to even more dangers.

When the hauled material winds up on the road, it can also cause dangers. Debris in the road can be a hazard in itself, doing vehicle damage on impact. A car striking a chunk of concrete can lead to serious damage and harm, for example. Small materials hauled by a dump truck can also lead to poor traction on the road, which means skidding and poor vehicle control are more likely.

Extra Risk to Pedestrians and Bicyclists

The hazards to motorists are apparent given the dangers we’ve noted above, but these hazards are increased for pedestrians and bicyclists. They are less visible to dump truck drivers, and are also more vulnerable to injury. Whenever you see dump truck—whether you’re in a car, crossing the street, or riding your bike—be cautious and mindful.

Who Is Liable in a Dump Truck Collision?

Liability in a dump truck accident can vary. Sometimes the driver is to blame for a crash, while other times there are other factors that may contribute to a crash beyond driver negligence.

During a legal consultation with our team, we can discuss these matters in much greater detail and help you seek damages to cover injuries and other losses sustained as a result of the accident.

Contact Our Truck Accident Attorneys

For more information about your legal rights and options in truck accidents, be sure to contact an experienced auto accident and injury crash attorney. The team at Foley Law Firm is here to help. You can reach our team by phone at (800) 523-6539.

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