Common Injuries in Animal Attack Cases By Foley Law Firm on April 06, 2018

Dog barking behind chain link fenceAnimal attack cases present difficulties both physically and emotionally. A dog bite attorney with experience helping victims will balance competing interests while pursuing the maximum recovery available. At the Scranton, PA practice of Foley Law Firm,we have personal injury attorneys who understand common injuries in animal attack cases and help people who have been hurt by an animal. 

A dog bite attorney must understand strict liability concepts and premises liability laws. The complex nature of these personal injury cases are best handled by a qualified attorney who can explain your options and possible outcomes while still providing strong advocacy for the victim of an attack.  

Common Injuries When Animals Attack

Thousands of people are bit by dogs or attacked by other animals annually, and the owner of the animal is typically responsible for the injuries. Common injuries from an animal attack include:

  • Puncture wounds, from the teeth of an animal piercing the skin.
  • Infections from animals that are diseased or carrying bacteria.
  • Scars and nerve damage.
  • Emotional damage similar to post traumatic stress syndrome

Injuries can be mild or severe, and can also worsen over time if left untreated. Redness, rashes, and swelling are all signs that an injury from an animal attack is not healing properly or may become infected. If any of these symptoms appear after medical treatment has been given or if a victim has not yet sought medical care after an attack it is critical to head to the doctor immediately. 

Who Is Liable for Animal Attacks?

Establishing liability for an animal attack is complicated. If an attack takes place on personal property, it is possible to hold the animal owner liable under premises liability law, and the theory of strict liability also applies. 

This legal theory holds that an owner need not be shown to have been negligent in order to bear responsibility, and that prior knowledge or a history of attacks is an unnecessary component of the case. The idea of strict liability applies in dog bite cases, but with other types of animals other laws come into focus. This difference means an attorney seeking damages must examine the case at hand and ensure the proper laws are applied to the facts of the case.

Damages for Animal Attacks

Victims of animal attacks can pursue damages from the owner, including:

  • Costs of medical care.
  • Lost wages.
  • Expenses of long term care necessary to recover from the attack.
  • Loss of future earnings.
  • Pain and suffering, commonly known as damages for emotional distress.
  • In the most egregious cases, an award of punitive damages may be appropriate.

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