Causes of Anesthesia Errors: Lawsuits Over Surgical Errors By Foley Law Firm on February 13, 2018

Administering intravenous medicationIf you have experienced an anesthesia error, or if a loved one has been seriously injured or killed because of a surgical team error, it’s important that you speak with a member of our legal team. Anesthesia errors and all instances of surgical malpractice must be taken seriously. Negligent surgeons and medical professionals have to be held accountable for their actions.

Hospitals often have teams of lawyers on their side, but the Foley Law Firm will not be intimidated. Our Scranton, PA lawyers stand by our clients and will help ensure you receive just compensation for the harm caused and the hardships you’ve endured. Below we will note just a few causes of anesthesia errors.

Allergies or Contraindications

Some people may experience an adverse reaction to anesthetic. These potential allergic reactions or contraindications to anesthetic are usually covered during the pre-op consultation. If a surgeon fails to note medical history of anesthesia complications or fails to ask about any medications or supplements a patient is currently taking, this could lead to problems during the surgical procedure.

Too Much Anesthesia

When too much anesthesia is administered, it can be a threat to overall wellness. Sometimes patients fall into comas because too much anesthesia was used. It’s imperative that anesthesiologists use the proper amount of anesthesia to last for the duration of surgery and not threaten the health of the patient.

Too Little Anesthesia

Too little anesthesia is also a serious issue to consider when it comes to mistakes. There are instances in which someone given too little anesthesia becomes conscious during surgery but remains unable to move or speak. This is an alarming situation to find yourself in. What’s worse, some patients who’ve endured this nightmare scenario can actually feel pain as the surgery is going on.

Problems with Intubation

Intubation while a patient is under anesthesia helps with proper breathing and respiration while a surgical procedure is being performed. When a patient is not intubated properly, they may not be getting all of the oxygen that they need during surgery. What’s worse, improper intubation can lead to injuries to the patient’s airways.

Failure to Monitor Vital Signs

During a surgical procedure, a patient’s vital signs need to be monitored at all times. Anesthesiologists who fail to monitor the patient’s vitals may be putting the patient at risk. An issue may arise that requires immediate care. A failure to address an issue in a timely manner puts the patient at serious risk.

Poor Communication During Surgery

Communication is always key in the operating room. When communication breaks down between surgeons and anesthesiologists, mistakes are more likely. The wrong part of the body may be anesthetized, for instance, or the wrong amount of anesthesia may be administered. Surgical teams need to make sure they are on the same page at all times to prevent harming patients.

Learn More About Your Legal Options

For more information about your legal rights and options following a surgical mistake, be sure to contact the attorneys of the Foley Law Firm. Our team of attorneys will work with you and help you fight for just compensation.

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