Auto Accidents and the Hazard of Loose Objects in the Car By Foley Law Firm on December 21, 2017

Auto accidentMost people are aware of the potential damages of an auto accident. Car accidents are responsible for millions of deaths and injuries each year in the United States alone. A great deal of these injuries and deaths are a direct result of the impact of the vehicles involved in the crash.

However, there are other factors that are known to contribute to auto accident injuries and deaths, including loose objects in the car. Auto accidents involving loose objects in the car can multiply damages for our Scranton, PA clients.

At Foley Law Firm, our experienced auto accident lawyers have successfully represented auto accident victims. Our attorneys have seen how unsecured items can turn into catastrophic or deadly projectiles during an accident, greatly increasing accident losses for our clients.

The Facts About Loose Objects in the Car

There have actually been multiple studies conducted about the dangers of loose objects in a car. The data that has been collected highlights the hazards of unrestrained items, and makes it clear just how much they can impact damages in a car accident.

Here are some of the most notable facts and statistics regarding auto accidents and loose objects in the car:

  • In an auto accident occurring at about 35 mph, a loose object in the car can strike at a force of roughly 50 times its own weight. That means that a ten-pound object could strike a passenger in the vehicle with the force of a 500-pound object. In one crash-test, a suitcase was able to completely sever the arm of a crash-test dummy.
  • On average, each vehicle contains at least four unrestrained objects.
  • Loose objects in vehicles are responsible for approximately 13,000 injuries each year.
  • An unrestrained passenger is also a potential hazard during an auto accident. According to one study, the chance of being killed in an auto accident increases by up to 25 percent when another person in the vehicle is unrestrained.

Avoiding the Risk of Unrestrained Objects

Although a car accident cannot always be avoided, most people can avoid the increased hazards of loose objects in the car should an accident occur.

Below are some important safety tips regarding items in the car:

  • Try to unload your vehicle each night to remove any purchases or other unnecessary objects
  • When items must be brought with you, keep them stored in the trunk or cargo area of the vehicle
  • Secure objects with nets or tethers whenever possible
  • If objects must be stored in the passenger area of the vehicle, try to keep the object flat against the backseat of the vehicle, maintaining as much direct contact as possible
  • Keep smaller items, such as sunglasses, stored in the glove compartment box
  • Make sure all passengers secure their seatbelts before driving

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If you have been injured in an auto accident that was caused by the reckless or negligent actions of another driver, you may be due financial compensation for your losses. Schedule a consultation with one of the experienced auto accident attorneys at Foley Law Firm at your earliest convenience to discuss the details of your case.

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