Auto Accidents Caused by Defective Brakes By Foley Law Firm on September 09, 2016

Car damaged in an auto accidentMost people realize that driving (or riding in) a car carries the risk of involvement in an auto accident. However, many people assume that, by practicing safe driving habits and staying aware of other drivers, this risk can be avoided. While these are good habits to have, it is also important that the cars we are driving, and those being driven by others, are operating safely. A faulty vehicle, such as one with defective brakes, poses a huge threat to all on the road. Many auto accidents each year are caused by auto defects. These auto accidents can cause expensive property damage, serious personal injuries, and even wrongful death. Victims of auto accidents involving defective brakes should contact our Scranton, PA practice to discuss their case with our experienced auto accident attorneys.

Recognizing Defective Brakes

The brakes are one of the most important parts of a vehicle. The brakes are responsible for stopping the vehicle, something that is vitally important when it comes to avoiding a collision. However, the braking system also plays a role in steering a vehicle. Although brakes often fail without warning, the following are signs that it is time to have a vehicles brake’s inspected:

  • The brakes fail to stop a vehicle completely, or seem to be working at half power
  • The brakes get stuck or stop the vehicle suddenly
  • The brakes pull the car to one side of the road, or interfere with steering

When the brakes are not working properly, or fail altogether, the risk of an auto accident increases significantly.

Building a Case

In personal injury and product liability cases involving defective brakes, the proof of burden lies on the accident victim. First, the victim must be able to prove that the defective brakes were a contributing factor in the auto accident and the injuries that resulted from the accident. Second, the victim must be able to demonstrate liability (why the brakes failed and who is responsible). These cases are complex, so it is best to work with an experienced auto accident attorney such as those at Foley Law Firm.

Causes of Defective Brakes

One of the most difficult aspects of a personal injury case involving an auto accident caused by defective brakes is determining the cause of the defect. There are actually several factors that can lead to faulty brakes, and all of these avenues must be explored to build a strong case of liability. Our auto accident attorneys will investigate a case thoroughly to determine whether defective brakes may be due to a manufacturing defect, an error in installation, a faulty part, poor mechanical work, or driver neglect (if the driver knew the brakes were faulty and failed to have them repaired). By pinpointing the cause of defective brakes, we can demonstrate liability so that damages can be collected from the negligent person or parties.

Schedule a Consultation

If you’ve been involved in an auto accident and you believe that defective brakes played a role, it is important to work with an experienced attorney. Our team of auto accident attorneys at Foley Law Firm can investigate an accident and prove liability so that maximum compensation can be collected for our clients. Schedule a consultation at your earliest convenience to discuss the details of your case.

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